Supply and installation of HVAC ductwork.

With our diverse stock of metal types and gauges we can manufacture ductwork to suit many applications, be it that small stainless steel duct piece required for you to finish your kitchen renovation or enough galvanized sheet metal ductwork to supply a brand new senior high school.

With our well-equipped workshop and capable staff we provide fast and accurate manufacture of ductwork from mechanical drawings and even your hand sketched diagrams.

All ductwork is built to Australian standards and can be insulated inside or outside with many insulation types to meet acoustic, thermal resistance R values and fire rating requirements. Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) insulation plotter increases accuracy, saves time and ensures minimal wastage of insulation material, resulting in a lower cost and also less waste.


Stainless steel kitchen hoods.

Ronley understand the commercial kitchen owner.  We are able to manufacture new or modify existing kitchen exhaust hoods, install tailor made ductwork with make-up air systems or optional air conditioning all designed to find the right balance and made to Australian standards. Ronley is your choice for a commercial kitchen environment that is not only cool and smoke free but all installed at a time that can avoid disruption to your trading hours.


Stainless steel, aluminum and steel fabrication.

The team at Ronley has the equipment and know how to fabricate products in aluminium, steel and stainless steel to meet your requirements.  We can also handle on site repairs or modifications. Our experienced tradespeople/operators will come to your site with mobile welding and stainless steel refinishing equipment to get the job done.




Repairs to plant room motors, gearboxes, and cooling towers.

The mechanical plantroom equipment repair knowledge of our Managing Director, Richard Murray is extensive with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. There is seldom a situation that Ronley cannot resolve. With our capable group of component suppliers finding the correct part is never a problem.  Ronley will repair or upgrade plant facilities to be fully operational with quick turnaround times and can retrofit older equipment to meet modern safety requirements. We can also manufacture and install access ladders, concrete plinths, floor grating, guard rails, machine guards, stairs, trafficable covers and walkways.




Roofing replacement and repairs.

Be it a large scale re-roofing project or just having trouble finding that small leak, Ronley can provide a solution. With the most commonly used Colorbond sheet metal colours in stock we can make any specialised flashings and gutters for customers. If we do not have it in stock our nearby suppliers carry every available Colorbond colour to suit your needs.


Quench pipes and other specialised exhaust pipework.

Helium quench pipes form a crucial part of any super conducting MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scanner installation. In an emergency, the liquid helium used in the scanner must be vented directly and safely to the atmosphere. It is vital that any quench pipe system is installed correctly. Ronley have successfully installed quench pipes at most of Perth’s major hospitals including Princess Margaret Hospital, Royal Perth Hospital, Fremantle Hospital and St John of God Hospitals.



Dust extraction systems maintenance.

Have a sawdust extraction system in need of clean filters?  Ronley can remove, clean and replace existing sawdust extraction filters or provide and install new filters. We have the ability to cover all your sawdust extraction needs from an inspection report to a full unit replacement. Our fabrication workshop can make custom duct branches to allow for addition of new outlets to allow for any new machinery.   Call Ronley to get your wood workshops vacuum system functioning as it should.

Aluminium dampers.

To meet economy cycle requirements or for outside air ratio adjustments Ronley can supply and install aluminum dampers, both motorised and manual, made to measure. We can also provide balancing and recommissioning of air-conditioning systems.


Computer controlled precision plasma cutting.

Our CNC (Computer Numerical Control) plasma cutter provides fast and accurate manufacture of ductwork components reducing manufacture time and material off-cut waste. Ronley can also plasma cut items like custom brackets or plates from CAD (Computer Aided Design) files or we can program from your drawings. We can also cut lettering for stencils or signage and basic pictures or patterns for metal decorative screens.